Support Forum and more..

Assessments (exams) are a necessity.  Your employer needs to know that you can do the job and so do you.  So, to become registered as a Vetpol SQP you must first gain your qualification!

As a regulator there are some things we must ask you to do, such as commit to keeping your skills up to date through CPD (Continuing Professional Development). To make life easier for you, we have provided links to Accredited CPD Courses and an online CPD recording system for your personal use.

We invite you to join our support forum where you can ask questions and link to people who can help you with your training. We also have a SQP Discussion forum on Facebook and an active Twitter account that you may wish to follow: @VetpolSQP

We wish to connect SQPs wherever they operate and provide you with resources and help you find jobs too.

Customer care is headed up by Debs Collins. If you wish to contact Debs or the rest of the team directly we’ll be happy to hear from you via our Contact Page.