FAQs for SQPs

Answers to commonly asked questions about SQP training with Vetpol

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Other medicine-related courses available from Vetpol

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Munch & Learn online conference coming soon. CPD, networking and fun!

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Continually improving…

Vetpol never stands still

Vetpol offers online training for SQPs which means our courses are easy to access, designed to fit around busy lives and are up-dated in real time in the fast-moving world of medicines. Vetpol has pioneered online training in the SQP sector.

Vetpol also offers online exams for SQPs via our partner LANTRA. This means you can sit your exams in any quiet place (such as your home) at a time to suit! Vetpol and Lantra, working together, produced the first online Level 4 qualification in the UK.

Vetpol offers personal support, via our lovely Customer Care & Key Account Manager, Debbie Collins – ask Debs anything and she will be sure to help.

Vetpol also offers online support throughout your studies and after qualification, via a forum and closed Facebook group. Ask away and have your questions answered by experienced trainers, other SQPs and animal health professionals.

Vetpol is committed to raising standards through a process of continual development. We are grateful to our Advisory Panel – made up of SQPs and other “leading lights” involved in this sector – for their enthusiasm and commitment in putting forward their ideas for improvement and for acting as a sounding board for Vetpol’s Directors.

Vetpol is committed to the professional recognition of SQPs, an area where little progress has been made in decades. Watch this space as our plans unfold.

Be the best…

Vetpol aims to be better, day on day, month on month, year on year and help SQPs registered with Vetpol reach their potential.

Vetpol is appointed by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate as an independent regulator of SQPs so when you’re qualified you can register with Vetpol.

At Vetpol we join the dots: Online training, online exams, unparalleled support and unique branding.

Our awarding body

We’ve partnered with LANTRA as our awarding body. LANTRA are well-known and highly regarded in land-based, agricultural and environmental training. It seemed a natural fit to choose them as our awarding body, especially as they have pioneered online, proctored exams. This is a first for SQPs and the ideal complement to our online SQP training. So no more exam centres, hassle and stress.

At Vetpol we’re not just for change. We embrace it. As modern life gets busier, our online SQP offering have been designed to help you study whenever, wherever, and Vetpol supports you throughout the learning process. By embracing change, together we can make the world a better place for animals, owners and the businesses that support them.

Please stay and search our site for further information or get in touch via the contact form. Our friendly team loves to have contact with students and employers and is happy to answer your questions.