What is an SQP?

SQPs are qualified to supply veterinary medicines

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Vetpol SQP Register

Approved by the VMD to register and regulate SQPs

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Hosting the UK's first ever SQP Congress in 2024!

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Qualified and empowered…

Vetpol SQPs are continually improving

SQPs (Suitably Qualified Persons) are qualified to prescribe and supply certain categories of veterinary medicines. They are empowered to do so without the need to see a vet. Becoming a Vetpol SQP is a great career move as SQPs are in the front-line with animal owners offering professional advice, not just for the medicines they supply, but on the wider sphere of animal health and welfare.

Once qualified, SQPs continue to learn and develop their skills year-on-year. Got a question about the animals under your care? Ask your SQP – you’ll be taking good advice.

Vetpol’s online training for SQPs is easy to access, designed to fit around busy lives and constantly updated to keep ahead in the fast-moving world of medicines. In order to make both training and examinations more accessible, Vetpol pioneered online training in the SQP sector.

With its Awarding Body LANTRA, Vetpol provides online exams for SQPs that are available 24/7. This means exams can be taken in any quiet place, including home, at a time that best suits the student! Vetpol and Lantra, working together, produced the first online Level 4 qualification in the UK.

In addition to training, Vetpol is also a VMD-approved Regulator of SQPs. In order to facilitate life-long learning for SQPs Vetpol is continually opening up access for SQPs to a wide range of interesting and relevant Continuing Professional Development (CPD) options.