Branding & professional recognition

Even today, sadly, few animal owners know who SQPs are nor what they do. Vetpol are fixing this because branding & professional recognition are important for customers and business: Strong branding helps customers find what they want and the professional recognition of SQPs means they know who they can ask for trusted advice about their animals.

Customers must be able to locate medicines when their animals need them and find the right person to speak to for advice and supply. If you are a qualified SQP then this person is likely to be you.

Animal Health businesses need to signpost veterinary medicines for owners. They need to help them recognise SQPs and bring the two together so that customers know who can dispense the medicines their animals need.

Strong branding can make that link. When used effectively it is a pillar of good customer service, helping people find both what they are looking for and the right person to speak to.

Vetpol’s unique brand

V+Professional Recognition For SQPs

In the same way that high street pharmacies signpost themselves with the green cross, Vetpol’s V+ device can be used to signpost veterinary medicines and the people who are qualified to give advice and supply those products.

The V+ device is versatile. It makes eye-catching door stickers, flags, banners, hanging signs and shelf edgers. It may be used alongside your own business branding to show where veterinary medicines are displayed and who has the expertise to sell them. Good signposting is a pillar of customer service.

Professional Recognition for SQPs

VPS medicines are usually kept behind glass or a counter. Having found them, customers need to locate the person with the expertise to supply those products and give advice. This is often difficult in a business that’s busy doing other things.

So we have a trademark to help SQPs stand out and be recognised in any environment where VPS medicines are sold.

Vetpol owns the registered trademark V+QP which shows a Qualified Professional registered with Vetpol. Vetpol registered SQPs have the right to use it.

This brand can be used on name badges, hats and clothing, providing the customer with a strong visual link between the veterinary medicines on sale, the in-store signage, and the person qualified to supply them.

These brands are here to help your customers find you and Vetpol branding gives SQPs professional recognition.

Vetpol SQP’s and businesses employing Vetpol SQPs are entitled to use Vetpol branding subject to Terms and Conditions.

Marketing Toolkit to boost professional recognition

Vetpol is working with its’ Steering Group to develop various elements of a marketing toolkit, designed specifically to signpost SQPs in their places of work and highlight the valuable role they play.

The first element produced were badges. These are issued to all newly qualified SQPs, free of charge, and they display the unique SQP code of the wearer. Almost as soon as the first ones were sent out, reports were received of customers noticing the badges and starting to ask questions. Bingo! What a result!

Door and medicine cabinet stickers

The next stage was to produce stickers that link to the badges and direct customers to SQPs in order to ask for advice about medicines and general health. These have been used extensively in stores and vet practices to great effect.

Email signature banners

The most recent edition to the toolkit are email signature banners that can be used by qualified SQPs to promote their expertise when communicating via email. These banners come in two forms. The one shown below is the regular banner but we also have a version where a company logo may be inserted. Please ask for more information when requesting the graphics for these banners to use in your own communications.

Door stickers and email signature banners may be requested by emailing

What next?

The intention, over time, is to build a complete marketing toolkit that utilises Vetpol branding to support the sales of veterinary medicines by Vetpol registered SQPs. And in doing so, to ensure that SQPs get the professional recognition they deserve in their role as Ambassadors for Animal Welfare.

In addition to merchandising elements, the finished Vetpol SQP toolkit will provide other key elements such as newsletter templates, suggested social media posts and so on.

Watch this space…

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