Data Protection & Privacy

Vetpol’s Data Protection & Privacy Policy describes what, when and why we collect and process personal information, and your rights regarding the personal data we are obliged to hold. We abide by UK Law and our data protection regulator within the UK is the Information Commissioners Office.

What information do we collect?  

Vetpol Ltd has legal responsibilities to collect and process data in order to be able to fulfil its function as a trainer and regulator of Registered Qualified persons.  

This will include collection of the following data:  

  • Title  
  • First name  
  • Last Name  
  • Date of birth  
  • Telephone number  
  • Permanent Home Address  
  • Email Address  
  • Employer information if paying for the course  
  • Date of registration on the Vetpol website
  • Username for the Vetpol website  
  • Financial transaction data  
  • Details of courses chosen
  • Results of assessments
  • For SQP students only:
  • Information on SQP modules chosen  
  • Information on SQP exams including dates, passes and failures  
  • Information on SQP CPD undertaken including dates, and results  
  • Information on disciplinary findings if relevant  
  • Information on our correspondence with you, and vice versa  
  • Information on any health conditions that will affect your exams or CPD 
  • Information about you and our awarding body Lantra  

And may include any other data that we legally need to fulfil our functions as a trainer and regulator of SQPs, for example any information relating to your legal right to live and work in the UK, to verify your identity, or to confirm your eligibility to be on our registers.

Why do we collect this information?  

We hold data about SQPs and SQPs students which is necessary to perform our duties as a regulatory authority appointed by the Secretary of State, under the Veterinary Medicines Regulations to keep a register of SQPs.  

In more detail we collect information for the following purposes: 

  • To manage your registration  
  • To allow you to order the SQP course on our website  
  • To manage exams and CPD  
  • To keep you updated about Vetpol and share relevant information pertaining to the SQP courses by:
    • Telephone
    • Post
    • Email
    • Newsletter  
  • To process any feedback or complaints relevant to the SQP course and Vetpol  
  • Health information may be passed to our awarding body Lantra, and/or to exam invigilators  

Data shared with third parties:   

  • Lantra – Our partner awarding body, will receive personal data to enable them to process your exams and qualification  
  • Data Processors who we use to provide your training and run our examinations  
  • VMD – Vetpol will supply the VMD with a list of students who have passed their qualification with Vetpol in order to add them to the SQP register or to remove them from the register here.
  • CPD providers – Sufficient data may be shared with CPD providers in order to process points, confirm the identity of the attendee and attendance on the course:  This could require sharing a name, the dates of passing key assessments, a registered email address and possibly a registered mobile phone number.  
  • Where disciplinary action has resulted in a SQP being suspended or removed from the register, other SQP regulators shall be notified.
  • Organisations providing assessments – in order to give you a choice of where to undertake examinations and other assessments we may need to share details to confirm your identity and results of assessments to confirm the outcome of your assessments
  • Other regulators – we may share specific details with other regulators, such as for example your CPD record, to confirm your fitness to be on our registers or theirs.
  • Police/Legal – in the case of certain circumstances and where required by law, we may need to disclose information without your consent, if requests are made by Government or law enforcement authorities, or for the prevention of crime or fraud.  
  •  We will not sell personal information to any third party.

Opt-In: When registering with our LMS at, you decide to tick the opt-in box, we then may email you with information relating to your role and this may include other products, services and promotions, of which some may be from Vetpol or other parties.

If we find that you have committed an offence, or provided false information in respect of a matter that could affect your entitlement to work as a SQP, such as for example your legal entitlement to live and or work in the United Kingdom we may be under an obligation to discuss your personal information with the VMD, other government agencies, or other registers of RQPs.  

Your rights in relation to information about you  

  • Whilst you have rights to block or restrict processing of your personal data, Vetpol Ltd also has over-riding legal obligations to retain sufficient data about you to fulfil its obligations as a regulator  
  • Should you attempt to block or restrict any data processing about you, this would mean that membership to the Vetpol register would cease, and we would be obliged to notify the VMD of the lapse in your registration.  
  • You can ask us to give you a copy of the information we hold about you   
  • You may ask us to correct mistakes in information that we hold about you  
  • You may ask us to otherwise restrict our use of your data in certain situations and accept that this could compromise your ability to study, take assessments or function as a SQP
    You can ask questions and exercise your rights by contacting us via our contact form.

Vetpol will ensure that all personal information supplied to us, is held securely, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018.  

This means that the data is held on a secure set of servers in the UK hosted by our hosting provider. Data is backed up by our hosting provider and the facility has controls in place to prevent unauthorised access.  

If you have concerns, in the first instance we would advise you to discuss your concerns with us first. If you feel that your data protection rights have been breached, and we are unable to resolve your concerns, you can lodge a complaint with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office here.