At Vetpol Ltd we do not want to send information to you that you do not wish to receive. The only way that we can send only what is relevant to you is if we have your correct contact details, particularly your most current email address.

If you are registered with us to study, take assessments or be on our register then there are some communications we must be able to send to you by email. There are also automated communications and reminders that our automated learning management system and CPD system will send to you by email to help you to keep up to date.

Separately we also run a support forum at which is voluntary, but which we recommend that you join. This runs on separate software which will send you automatic notifications on topics that you subscribe to. You can update your preferences on the support forum yourself.

If you do need help in updating your contact preferences you may contact us by using the contact form.

Dog on laptop keeping contact preferences up to date