SQP Support – for help with questions and revision

SQP support is an important part of what we do here at Vetpol. We believe it’s our job to do all we can to help you achieve your qualification, become an effective SQP and have a fulfilling career.

At Vetpol we offer a support forum and lots of other resources. Once you are a qualified and Vetpol regulated SQP, you can also visit if you have any questions or concerns about to handle a particular case too.

Sometimes the best source of help is from others pursuing the same course of study as you or those who have already been through the course and are working in the field, so you can ask questions, pick their brains, share challenges and work together to find the best ways to learn in our forum.

It’s also really useful to network with experienced SQPs, especially if you are a lone SQP in your outlet and just need support from someone who understands the challenges and responsibilities that come with the position.

There can be value in having access to both these groups. And let’s not forget about gaining access to potential employers and industry opportunities too – they can all be shared on the forum.

Look out too for resources such as client leaflets, animal medicine updates and information and details of campaigns or new science. We’ll be posting it all on the website and the forum provides a great opportunity for you to discuss what it all means for you in the workplace.

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Want the support of other SQPs? Visit Vetpol

Years ago Vetpol established an online community for veterinary professionals. More recently we have created space on that site for SQPs too. So here you will find a SQP forum where you can ask questions, give advice, and generally network with one another.

We’ve also added a Resources Section for SQPs and the businesses that employ them. This is where to go to for posters, client information, medicines updates and so on.

Jobs for SQPs – career support

Maybe you fancy a change? We have a Jobs Page where you can advertise vacancies, look for jobs, or promote your services as a locum SQP. There are lots of different careers available to SQPs. Depending on the area of your SQP qualification (farm, pet, avian or equine) you could move from a farm supplies shop to working for a large farm, or move between outlet types – from pet shop to a saddlers, for instance.

As a SQP your job is much more likely to involve more extensive contact with customers and much more responsibility. Not only will you play a more important role in helping to keep animals health, you will also help animal owners manager their budgets or in the case of farms, help improve their profitability. It means there’s a lot more to think about every day and much more scope to add interest and variety to what you do.

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“Whether you’re a Vetpol student or a qualified SQP on our register, we would like to invite you to join our online community for support, networking, problem-solving and more”.

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Social Media groups

If social media is your thing, then please join our active SQP Discussion forum on Facebook. We’d love to see you there and hear your views.

You will find us on Twitter too @VetpolSQP for the latest news and views in the wider animal and medicines community.

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Customer Care

Maybe you have a question that does not appear on our FAQs page? Or you may just want a friendly, knowledgeable person to speak to?

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