SQP training & more online training in animal health

Vetpol offers online SQP training courses for the Companion Animal, Equine, Farm and Avian sectors and additional training and qualifications in all aspects of animal health and welfare.

Do you work in an agri-merchant, pet shop or vet practice and would like to develop your career through acquiring new knowledge and skills? Or perhaps you are working in another area entirely but have also wanted to work with animals, improving their health and welfare? If that sounds like you, SQP training could be what you are looking for and Vetpol also provides additional courses that might meet your needs.

SQP training will allow you to dispense certain categories of animal medicines. Once your online training is complete you will also need to keep your knowledge up to date with continuing professional development (CPD) in order to maintain your registration. Vetpol is opening up access to CPD training for SQPs.

Ready for a new challenge or considering becoming a SQP?

We have worked with LANTRA to develop a ‘Safe Use of Veterinary Medicines’ course that is also delivered as online training. This course can improve your knowledge with regard to animal medicines or act as an entry point to becoming a SQP.

All of our animal health training courses are online, providing accessibility, flexibility and the ability to study when and where you want. Vetpol also aim to provide an enjoyable learning experience. It means that when you’ve completed one course, you’ll probably want to continue to grow your knowledge.

Please tell us which other online training courses you would like to see from Vetpol. Health and welfare are important issues for everyone working in the farm, equine and pet sectors so we value your feedback.

You may contact us direct or give feedback and ask other students questions about our courses via our SQP Discussion form on Facebook.

Picture of a dog on a laptop looking at SQP courses