Online SQP exams

Vetpol’s online SQP exams are the first online exams to be developed for the SQP sector. An even greater achievement is that they represent the first time a Level 4 qualification has been made available in a digital format, anywhere in the UK! So Vetpol’s online exams are truly ground-breaking!

Vetpol exams are “online proctored” which means they are remotely invigilated. The student is filmed while they take their exams and the recording is later checked by Lantra, prior to marking. Being invigilated remotely maintains the integrity of the Vetpol qualification.

Clear instructions are given in terms of satisfying Ofqual rules for such assessments. The exam guide also helps to ensure that the computer is set up correctly beforehand. Once set up is complete, exam email links are generated and sent to the student, ready for them to sit their exams.

Online SQP assessments open up a world of possibilities, such as:

Sitting SQP exams at home

Sitting SQP exams at work

Sitting SQP exams in any quiet place with a good internet connection.

What online proctoring of SQP assessments brings is convenience: saving time, saving money, saving travel to exam centres. They also reduce stress.

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Other important points

Every student has to sit the Core exam which consists of multiple choice and short answer questions. The core module covers the basics of being an SQP, medicines legislation, disease, the SQP Code of Practice and communication skills.

To this, at least one species exam must be added. This can be companion animal, equine, farm and/or avian. The species exam has three parts: Multiple choice questions, short answer questions and a case study scenario that requires the application of knowledge.

The assessments are open book, meaning you can take notes into the exam. However, it is recommended that students make up flash cards during their revision as there will not be sufficient time to search through reams of paper!

Fast results turnaround!

It can be acutely stressful waiting for exam results. So Lantra pull all the stops out in ensuring that every student is notified of their results within a month (that’s guaranteed) – but more often than not, expectations are surpassed with the majority of students hearing within just 10 days. That is a very fast turnaround for any Level 4 qualification externally regulated by Ofqual!

Online SQP exams from a highly-respected awarding body

Vetpol is proud to be in partnership with LANTRA, an awarding body, who offer online proctored exams leading to a Level 4 SQP qualification. This progressive development brings significant advantages for both students and their employers.

Online proctored exams are well established in the USA. Professionals have been taking exams this way for years so the concept is tried, tested and trusted. Taking professional exams this way is also growing in popularity in the UK.

Included in the purchase price of any Vetpol SQP course is access to online proctored exams. No exam centres. No fuss. Less stress.

“Students tell us that exams can be stressful but often the worst bit is afterwards while waiting to hear if they’ve passed.

Vetpol SQP exam results take less than a month for results to come through! This greatly reduced waiting time means anxiety is lessened while successful students can crack on with the job of being fully-fledged SQPs. We are grateful to our partners LANTRA for providing such great customer service”

Caroline Johnson, Director

Any questions? You may find the answers on our FAQ page. Also, please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have as we’ll be happy to help.

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