Introducing the Vetpol team

Caroline Johnson, Director

Animal-mad Caroline also loves people. With a background in veterinary pharmaceuticals she is well equipped to train SQPs and give support to students: people development is her thing.

Being a Director of Vetpol brings together all the skills and experience she’s acquired during a long and varied career.

Dr Jeremy Johnson, Director

A love of cattle, working as a vet, then a career in the pharmaceutical industry led Jeremy to Vetpol. He has a life-long interest in veterinary medicines. Jeremy also loves challenges, so has enjoyed harnessing modern technology to deliver novel approaches to SQP training and development.

Debbie Collins, Customer Care & Student Support

If you’re looking for a friendly, knowledgeable person to help you, contact! With a successful and varied career in customer service, including managing a busy vet practice, Debs gives the best student support ever! It is largely down to her efforts that students give Vetpol SQP courses a 94.1% satisfaction rating (June 2023)!

Lisa Giddings - member of the Vetpol team

Lisa Giddings, Professional Development Lead

Having helped establish our successful Munch & Learn CPD events, we were delighted when Lisa accepted the role of Professional Development Lead at Vetpol! With her organisational skills, extensive contacts and passion for CPD we could not have found a better person to also build SQP Congress. Lisa owns alpacas, guinea pigs, dogs and her interest in sustainable small-holding has led her to develop an exciting project in Nature Nature Farm.

Lisa may be contacted for anything related to SQP Congress and Munch & Learn at

Dawn Prime - member of the Vetpol team

Dawn Prime SQP, Accreditation Lead

Having won “SQP of the Year” at the National SQP Awards not once, but twice, we are honoured to have Dawn Prime as Lead in the Vetpol CPD accreditation process!

Have some CPD you would like accredited? Then please get in touch with

Vetpol Associates

Dr Susan McKay, Companion Consultancy

Susan runs a successful PR and marketing business operating in the veterinary, pet and animal health sectors and Vetpol uses many of the services provided by Companion Consultancy. Susan is very much part of the Vetpol team!

We are happy to recommend Susan and her team to anyone looking for a creative agency. For more info visit:

Jim McNulty, Graphic Designer

If you’ve ever looked at our wonderful graphics such as the Munch & Learn donut and wondered how they do that?….the answer is that we harness Jim’s creativity and talent!

Jim runs a design company, JMC Design and Motion and he meets our brief every single time. We are more than happy to recommend his services; contact

Rob Chittock - associate of the Vetpol team

Rob Chittock, Web Developer

Rob joined the Vetpol team when our Learning Management System was half-built and he has made a cracking job in turning it into the highly-functional, user-friendly platform that you see today.

Rob just “gets it”. We explain what we want and he works his wizardry behind the scenes quickly and without fuss. We simply wouldn’t use anyone else! Contact:

About Us

“Vetpol Ltd is committed to year on year improvement and to the long-term development of SQPs”
Dr Jeremy Johnson MRCVS

Vetpol Ltd is run by a team of professional people and is approved by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate to train, register and regulate SQPs working in UK businesses supplying veterinary medicines.

Our team has worked within or alongside the following: veterinary practice, pharmaceutical business, farms, farm retail, pet and equine businesses. We love animals and are knowledgeable and passionate about veterinary medicines. Being involved in the training and regulation of SQPs brings together our collective knowledge and experience.

We believe we can always do better and be better…with help from you. So please give feedback, saying how we may improve and become part of our Vetpol community.

Vetpol is here to support you.

Portrait of black lamb poking its head through a fence

Vetpol Steering Group

Vetpol chairs a Steering Group of experts from across the SQP market who contribute their opinions, knowledge and expertise. They assist with brainstorming and decision-making. This is because Vetpol aims to do things better:

  • To drive up standards in the training and regulation of SQPs
  • To continually improve in every aspect of what we do, including the quality of training materials and methods, student support and customer service
  • To elevate the professional recognition of SQPs
  • To harness modern technology in the quest for continual improvement, enhancing training, training delivery and CPD

The Directors cannot do this alone!

There is currently a sufficient number of members on the Vetpol Steering Group but if you feel you have something to offer and would like to be included to share your views, please contact us and we will notify you when a position becomes available.

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