Glowing testimonials from SQP students and employers

We ask every SQP student who chooses Vetpol to give us feedback on the quality, convenience and clarity of Vetpol SQP training and the likelihood of recommendation to others. They have kindly provided us with a heap of glowing testimonials, some of which are shown below.

On average Vetpol SQP students have rated their satisfaction at a whopping, great 94.1%*!!

*In-house data, June 2023. These numbers include all students who returned feedback forms and they represent an average score across all parameters of Vetpol’s online SQP training.

Our customers (employers of SQPs) say lovely things too….

Feedback from Employers

“Our aim remains to have at least one employee with the SQP qualification in all stores at all times and we will continue to work with Vetpol to reach this challenging target in our existing stores and our new stores.

Vetpol provides the team with a diligent, collaborative and fast path to success and we are delighted to work with them”

Jo Wykes, Chief Executive Officer, Jollyes The Pet People

Feedback from SQP Students

“I was able to take the [Vetpol SQP] course at my own pace, there was good communication and the training materials were well laid out, easy to reference and find key information. I love the fact I wasn’t in a classroom”

Reece Goldsmith, Companion Animal, Equine, Farm and Avian SQP

Reece Goldsmith, Vetpol SQP, Shire Stables

“I have really enjoyed the Vetpol SQP course and the way it is set out is great”

Jayne C, Companion Animal & Farm SQP

“The education material…provided a good overview and knowledge of both the animals and the products that would be relevant to a store environment”

CK, Companion Animal SQP

“Really impressed with how quickly Caroline and Debs answered my questions”

CB, Companion Animal SQP

“The course materials provide everything you needed and were easy to read and navigate – and you could do it anytime, any place. I’ve already recommended the Vetpol SQP course to a colleague”

Guy Murray, Companion Animal SQP

“I found the training tools good and the whole thing was a good process for learning”

TC, Companion Animal SQP

“The overall experience was fantastic!

Natalie Bentley, Companion Animal SQP

“I found the training easy to follow and the paperwork to help was great”

Anonymous Vetpol student

“All training was good and informative”

NS, Companion Animal SQP

“I would like to thank the Vetpol team for investing time and energy into my own personal development”

CK, Companion Animal SQP

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