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In the UK, vets, doctors and dentists must be qualified and registered in order to practice. They are all Registered Qualified Persons (RQPs) able to prescribe relevant categories of medicines. The same is true for qualified SQPs, who must register with a Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) Approved Regulator in order to carry out their professional duties. Vetpol is a VMD Approved Regulator which means that SQPs can sign up to the Vetpol SQP Register in order to carry out their professional role.

As a regulator of SQPs, Vetpol is responsible for ensuring that professional obligations are met, standards upheld and that all our SQPs adhere to a Professional Code of Practice as laid down by the VMD.

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CPD and the Vetpol SQP Register

SQPs on the Vetpol SQP Register must commit to professional obligations such as Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This is another name for ongoing training.

SQPs have to do CPD, but at Vetpol we believe continuing learning is more about state of mind than obligation. It’s about wanting to be better. It’s about delivering excellence in customer service, improving animal welfare and going the extra mile.

At Vetpol our aim is to encourage and facilitate continual learning, skills development and broadening of experience. Each of our SQPs has access to their own online CPD record. Having access to a personal SQP CPD record and the recording of CPD is made as easy as possible.

In signposting an ever-expanding range of Accredited CPD Vetpol ensures that SQPs can develop in areas of greatest interest to them. As well as reading and classroom learning, practical, hands-on skill development, such as work shadowing and mentoring are encouraged. 

SQPs who go above and beyond professional obligations and complete more CPD than they have to are to be applauded! That’s because SQPs passionate about learning, make great SQPs. They add value. As many as 50% of Vetpol SQPs do considerably more CPD that what is required.

Wherever possible Vetpol aims to make learning interesting, engaging and fun, hence the launch of MUNCH & LEARN and now the UK’s first SQP CONGRESS!


SQPs deserve to be recognised, having worked hard for their qualification. Owners need to know who SQPs are so they can turn to them with questions about their animals and know they are getting trusted advice. 

Vetpol owns a number of trademarks and brands to help customers find the medicines they want, then locate the SQP with the expertise to dispense them. To find out more about how our brands may help your customers and business, visit our page on Professional Recognition.


We’ve been asked if we accept SQPs from another register? Of course, providing we are given proof of qualification and that CPD requirements are up to date. Just contact with your request and we will do the rest.

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