This page describes our policy regarding appeals: The application of this policy will ensure fairness across the board in dealing with any case of dissatisfaction regarding an assessment outcome.  

This policy applies to all appeals made by any SQP student who is dissatisfied with a grade or assessment outcome. It is also applicable to appeals made either during or after learners have completed their studies with Vetpol.   

The circumstances resulting in the appeal will be assessed by the relevant department in accordance with the provisions of this policy and any supporting documents.  

Policy Statement  

The Appeals policy is in place to ensure that all students have a chance to contest and appeal any academic decision that they do not agree with. All appeals received are to be dealt with in a fair and timely manner.  

Appeal outcomes will follow careful consideration of evidence and the decisions of all staff members involved.  

A process examining all evidence is to be carried out to give a satisfactory outcome for both Vetpol and the learner involved. The learner will be kept informed of any outcomes in a timely manner and has the right to accept or refute any decisions. The decisions made by both parties will be dictated by the appeals procedure.  

The Appeals policy ties in with Vetpol’s commitment to fair assessment and ensuring learner satisfaction. All appeals will be treated fairly and all relevant feedback will be embedded in the company’s policies as part of a continuous commitment to improving services.  

Roles and Responsibilities  

Vetpol’s assessor will review all evidence and assessment records as part of this process, however the entire appeals process will be overseen by one of Vetpol’s Management Team.  


Every learner studying with Vetpol who successfully passes the assessment criteria to become a SQP is issued with a certificate from LANTRA confirming their qualification.  

Information on the Certificate will be: 

  • Full name of student  
  • Has passed [the following] Vetpol SQP modules  : Core followed by the species modules they have passed
  • Signed by the Vetpol assessor
  • Date

The certificate will be provided to the SQP within 4 weeks of them passing their exam.  


This policy is applicable to all learners enrolled with Vetpol. It also applies to all members of staff and any external stakeholders who are involved in the recording of learner’s grades and other indicators of achievement as well as requesting the certificate upon the successful completion of the programme of study.  


Every learner who successfully completes all the required modules within their programme of study and passes the assessment is eligible to request a certificate of qualification: The Certificate will provide evidence of attainment that can be presented to public or professional bodies, educational institutions and employers.   

The name that will appear on the certificate will be the name by which the learner is registered with Vetpol which is also the name that will be registered with the relevant Awarding Organisation. If learners change their name before the end of their programme and wish this to appear on their certificate, they must notify Vetpol.