The purpose of this examinations policy is to support a fair and impartial examination experience for all learners at Vetpol, meeting academic requirements, and ensuring practicalities are met as effectively and efficiently as possible. It confirms that all staff and learners are clear as to their responsibilities regarding examinations, and how to work with and access the services provided.  

The Examinations policy will ensure that learners are provided with clear guidance on the process to be carried out during the online examination process. This will be applied across Vetpol and we will adhere to the standards of LANTRA, while ensuring that our learners are treated fairly. This will confirm that the highest standards of quality are always constantly maintained.  


This policy relates to all formal examinations which occur as part of a learner’s programme of study.  

The policy outlines the practical arrangements for learners’ participation in examinations.  

Policy Statements  

In support of the principle that the assessment process is fair, Vetpol has an examinations policy that is used to ensure that learners do not have an unfair advantage for themselves or cause unfair disadvantage to other learners.  

Examinations will be booked via Vetpol, take place via the LANTRA website and be supervised by approved invigilators.  

Learners must have paid all necessary fees prior to the date of the exam in order to be admitted to an examination.  

Learners must have the ability to read, write and otherwise communicate in good English both face-to-face and online to be allowed to complete the qualification exam.  


Any feedback, regardless of the form it is given in, be it written, spoken or otherwise falls under the remit of this policy, and includes any type of feedback, including negative or positive.  

Feedback on the SQP course and Vetpol as a company can be emailed to where it will be reviewed by the Customer Care Manager who will pass it onto the relevant Manager / Management Team and acted upon, where appropriate to do so.  

Re-sit policy

To qualify for registration as a SQP with Vetpol Ltd, students must pass an exam for Vetpol’s Core Module and at least one Species Module.  

In the event of failure of either the Core Module or a chosen Species Module, the student only needs to re-sit the exam that has been failed provided this happens within 12 months of the date of the first exam.  If the student fails again and moves beyond the 12-month deadline without passing, the student must sit both the Core Module and a Species Module again. 

Exam(s) for additional Species Modules may be sat at the same time as the Core Module plus one Species Module or they may be sat at another time of the student’s choosing and added to the SQP’s registration later.