This page describes our policy on safeguarding: In line with current legislation and guidance in the United Kingdom, Vetpol recognises that we have a duty of care in ensuring that the learning environment is safe for vulnerable students.  We are committed to ensuring that they are safeguarded and protected from harm.    


Vetpol aims to provide a safe environment for students who are considered to be in a vulnerable group, this is a priority and is the shared responsibility of all staff at Vetpol.  

Vulnerable groups should be free to learn and develop their potential without fear of abuse or exploitation. At Vetpol, we value all learners, irrespective of their age, gender, racial origin, religion, belief or sexual orientation and will ensure that their rights are respected.  

Vetpol takes reasonable measures to ensure that members of staff who have regular and significant contact with vulnerable groups do not have a known history of harmful behaviour.  

All suspicions or allegations of inappropriate behaviour will be taken seriously by Vetpol and responded to as appropriate. All members of staff are expected to operate in accordance with all Vetpol policies including Safeguarding.  

All Vetpol policies are reviewed annually and kept up to date, considering any changes in United Kingdom legislation, guidance and requirements from the Awarding Organisation and other bodies we work with, as well as industry best practice.  

Policy Statement  

This policy will be made available to Vetpol staff so that they are aware of the Safeguarding Policy and what they can do when a concern arises. Support and advice will be provided to staff if/when such matters arise.  

This policy will be published to all Vetpol learners through the Vetpol website and the Vetpol Student Community so that they are aware of our commitment to the protection of vulnerable groups. Detailed and accurate records of concerns will be kept securely and confidentially by the Designated Safeguarding Officer when concerns arise.  

Reporting suspicions or concerns about abuse or inappropriate behaviour  

Staff or learners need to report suspicions or concerns of abuse or inappropriate behaviour to the Designated Safeguarding Officer(s).  

Concerns raised will then be reviewed and investigated with the Management Team who will be responsible for overseeing the matter and ensuring it is dealt with correctly and a full investigation takes place in line with this and other Vetpol processes that are necessary.  

Roles and Responsibilities  

It is not the place of Vetpol staff to make a judgement about whether abuse or inappropriate behaviour has occurred. This is the remit of the statutory agencies and/or the police. However, all Vetpol staff and students have a responsibility for reporting any suspicions or concerns of inappropriate behaviour or abuse to the Designated Safeguarding Officer(s).  

All Vetpol staff have a responsibility for ensuring that suspicions or concerns of inappropriate behaviour or abuse of vulnerable groups are reported to the Designated Safeguarding Officer(s).  

Vetpol is committed to co-operating fully with appropriate external agencies.  

Any member of staff who has a concern about abuse or inappropriate behaviour by another member of staff will report that concern to the Designated Safeguarding Officer(s), who will report to the Management Team where Standards of Conduct or Disciplinary procedures are implemented.  

Intellectual Property 

The copyright in all training materials including questions and answers designed for examinations is owned by Vetpol Ltd.  

Where images including videos are included in the text these are images created for Vetpol Ltd to illustrate the training materials created by Vetpol Ltd for the purposes of training SQPs to pass the Vetpol SQP Examinations and subsequently register as a SQP with Vetpol Ltd.  Other images may be used under licence by Vetpol Ltd for the same purpose.  No use of materials is permitted for any other purpose.  

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