The Power of Branding

Most people reading this blog will have an interest in veterinary medicines. And many of you will need look no further than the human pharma market to understand a brand that really works.

This a period where high streets are trying to find new purpose; where empty shops all too apparent. County Councils everywhere are desperate to mitigate the effects of crashing footfall, which is fuelling the further decline of the much-lamented British town centre.

Yet one brand remains ever-evident, thriving in fact, and instantly recognisable by everyone. That brand is the high street pharmacy. The green cross is something we all identify with and it can be spotted from at least 100 yards away…. helpful if you have a headache or some other ailment requiring rapid relief! 

The green cross device has all the characteristics and qualities of a great brand, working as well as a neon sign or as a tiny fave icon on an online shop. No words are needed as this simple image conveys everything that needs to be said: That being, “we supply meds alongside expert advice”. The pharmacy green cross is not just adopted in the UK but all over Europe, with no translation required. The green cross speaks a universal language!

Pharmacy showing the green cross brand

So where are the medicines experts?

Customers seek and value professional advice. Yet pharmacists aren’t the only people trained to give expert advice when it comes to medicines. SQPs are also knowledgeable and qualified, being empowered to prescribe and supply certain categories of veterinary medicine. However, do all your customers know this?

Whatever the answer is for your business, it would be fair to suggest that the majority of SQPs in the UK remain somewhat invisible. Many animal owners purchase treatments via an SQP and will have benefitted from their advice – yet are SQPs positioned in consumers minds the same way that a Vet or a Pharmacist might be? If the answer is no, that’s pretty tough reality for any passionate, knowledgeable individual who has worked hard to earn their Level 4 SQP qualification. SQPs also have to commit to ongoing CPD and adherence to a rigorous Code of Practice in order to stay on a professional register.

But we at Vetpol have a plan to fix this problem…

Using Vetpol’s trademarks to signpost customers and SQPs

Vetpol owns a registered device which is a green V with a cross (see what we did there?!). This has been designed to signpost where veterinary medicines are sold and link to the SQPs with the knowledge to advise upon and supply them. Those people are Vetpol SQPs of course!

If you look at the examples below you’ll see that we have designed artwork for medicines signage, SQP badges, door stickers and more. We have plans to develop branded clothing and a whole range of elements to complete a marketing toolkit. Please let us know at which elements you would like to see added to the range? We will listen and we’re eager to hear what you say.

Window sticker promoting SQPs and showing Vetpol branding.
Veterinary medicine shelf showing Vetpol branding

Businesses who wholly employ Vetpol SQPs are eligible to use our trademarks for free. For more information on our trademarks click the link . You can also contact us directly to ask how to go about using the V+ trademarks in your vet practice or store.